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In addition to a camera, a system includes hardware and software needed for recording the optical and electrical data#. However, many additional items (microscope, light source, shutter, vibration isolation table) are needed for performing imaging experiments. A discussion of those is provided under not included. A useful tool for comparing the different cameras is our data table.
Please ask us about our on-site installation.

Warranty/Support :
 All systems below come with one year warranty on the hardware and three years technical support via telephone or e-mail.

C A M E R A S :
Every full camera system generally includes:
The specific camera (or cameras) with power supply
appropriate optical couplers (based on chip size)
An A-to-D and D-to-A card and Control Panel for electrode recording and TTL outputs for experimental control
A PC (Up-to-date Workstation); Monitor not included
Turbo-SM for data acquisition and analysis
Low to High   DaVinci-2K-CMOS camera - SciMeasure 2048x2048 camera
   1024x320 @>2KHz-NDR, 1KHz-CDS; 2048x2048 @>200Hz-NDR, 100Hz-CDS; see All Configurations
   (NDR mode for STORM imaging and molecule tracking, windowing and on-chip binning for high speed VSD/Ca imaging) 
Low to High   Dual VSD and Ca Imaging System -
   Integrating single DaVinci-2K-CMOS camera, Cairn OptoSplit for large sensor, and Macroscope. 
Low to High   DaVinci-1K-CMOS camera - A skinny version of SciMeasure 2048x2048 camera
   512x320 @>2KHz-NDR, 1KHz-CDS; 1024x1024 @>400Hz-NDR, 200Hz-CDS; see All Configurations
   (NDR mode for STORM imaging and molecule tracking, windowing and on-chip binning for high speed VSD/Ca imaging) 
Low to Medium   FastCMOS-128X camera - SciMeasure 128x128 camera (for high speed tracking)FCMS-128X
Low to Medium   NeuroCCD-SMQ imaging system -  Sensor discontinuedNCS01
Low to Medium   NeuroCCD-SM256 imaging system - SciMeasure 256X256 camera (for VSD, GEVI, Ca imaging) NCS256
High   NeuroCMOS-DW128 imaging system - SciMeasure Deep Well 128x128 camera (for VSD imaging, iSCAT)NMS128
High   NeuroCMOS-DW128f imaging system -  SciMeasure fast Deep Well camera (for VSD imaging, iSCAT)NMS128F
high   Dual NeuroCMOS-DW128f imaging system - 2 SciMeasure fast DW camera heads with one controllerNMS128F-DH

O T H E R   H A R D W A R E :
           Macroscope-IIa -
2X and 4X lenses
Mount for ordinary microscope objective lens
Dichroic mirror
Beam diverter
Dual C-mount ports
          Ratio-Add-On - 
75W Optosource xenon arc lamp and power supply (Ultra high point intensity)
Light source output coupling for Cairn lamphouse (incl.iris Diaphragm)
Optoscan monochromator with full rapid galvo grating and slit width with Power supply
UV transmitting liquid light guide (3mm diameter, 2 metre long)
Calibration and filter test accessory for Optoscan.
Episcopic light guide coupling for specified microscope.
Additional Microstar A-to-D card 

# Redshirt products are not intended for use as medical devices as described in the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. 

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 Updated Aug 2013