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The ratiometric method is the most frequently used for measurements of intracellular Calcium concentrations [Ca2+]i . This method uses the property of some dyes (like Fura-2) to change their excitation spectrum upon binding of Calcium ions. In that circumstance, the ratio of the fluorescence intensities excited by 2 different wavelengths is dependent upon [Ca2+]i. Importantly, this ratio is independent of indicator concentration, optical path length, and illumination intensity. Therefore, a dual-wavelength measurement is independent of bleaching, dye leakage and small volume changes that are frequently observed during imaging experiments.
The Cairn Optoscan monochromator is a high speed, high resolution wavelength changer, incorporating nanometer precision of both center wavelength and bandwidth settings. Wavelength and bandwidth changes are achieved in milliseconds, with fast galvanometers driving both the grating and slit positions to give full dynamic control of optical throughput. The Optoscan was designed with biological fluorescence measurements in mind. When used together with our NeuroCCD-SMQ imaging system, it forms a powerful and fast fluorescence detection system.

Main Features:
Millisecond control of center wavelength
Nanometer wavelength precision over broad spectrum
Dynamic bandwidth control
Microsecond timing precision
High throughput f/2 optics
External iris diaphragm for intensity control
Fast electronic shuttering facility
Compact design
Synchronized with NeuroCCD-SMQ imaging system
Controlled from a user-friendly interface within NeuroPlex, both on- and off-line

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